CJ and IBVM leadership teams met in the CJ Generalate, Via Nomentana 250

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It is already now a long tradition, that the leadership teams of CJ and IBVM meet twice or three times a year. Since there are many areas of collaboration, practical decisions have to be made as to who takes responsibility for what and how they will be followed up in the future.  
On Monday 2 March 2020, we met again. We shared the results of the questions regarding possible union of both branches. As the feedback by almost all the sisters of both branches was very positive, we will continue walking the path towards union. First thoughts were shared and discussed and some concrete steps will be put in place in the near future.
As always, it was a very good and enjoyable meeting culminating in a delicious dinner together at the end. This time we were a big group as the Roman community joined us as did the six resident sisters who are participating in the UISG course for formators until the end of June.  At the end of our dinner, after having sung grace we came together in a circle and sang: “Bind us together Lord…with cords,that cannot be broken…” It is, so to speak, the song, which has been and will be the hymn towards union.  
(text: Elisabeth; photos: Františka)
CJ Generalate