CJ/IBVM Temporarily Professed Gathering, 2023

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A five-day workshop was organized by the IBVM on the study of the  Constitutions for the temporarily professed members in Entally, Kolkata, the resource person being Sr. Elizabeth Cotter IBVM from Ireland. The COIN CJ juniors were invited to participate in it. They were forty-one in all (23 CJ and 18 IBVM). The theme of the gathering was “ONE IN HEART AND MIND”. It was a joyful and memorable experience for all.

“They are the same” became a constant expression as they compared and contrasted CJ AND IBVM Constitutions volumes I and II. They did exercises checking specific constitutions and were very excited to see the sameness. They gradually discovered that they were connected to one another and uncovered their common origin. Studying the constitutions of both CJ and IBVM validated the shared origin. They noticed that their mentality of viewing one another through separate lenses had shifted. At the end of the five days what reverberated in their conversations and reflections was – it is the same!

Now, they envisage a future together – a future of fruitfulness, unity, and the hope of being prophetic Women of Mary Ward! The Solid Women in mission and for mission!!!

Esther Finis