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COVID-19 is giving us the opportunity to find ourselves again, we are learning how to die to our past and be born again spiritually, every moment of our lives. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been challenged by having more time for prayer and reflection. Many of us who were so busy before, have been slowed down by this extreme organism with its huge amount of power, yet each day is unique when we live one day at a time putting all our energy into it knowing that a Divine force guides us. We now have time to see the blessings and recognize new opportunities in the quietness.

The pandemic has brought the greatest spiritual awareness the world has ever known and is still doing so. It has affected people of all walks of life, every religion, country and every person in the same way. We are one. These times have given many of us different lens with which to see the world and know that each day is precious.

Being more spiritually aware gives us hope, hope amidst the pain and suffering caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can be a light to others who need our help especially those who are losing their hope in God. Getting through these testing times will require a lot of spiritual innovation. We can offer support to those who are depressed or fearful by praying for them. This has aroused the spirit of union of hearts and minds as we are all praying for the end of the coronavirus.

We have become aware ever more clearly that love is the one emotion that will overcome all. It is about cultivating love in everything we do, love of Jesus and love of one another as Jesus said, “love your neighbour as you love yourselves.” Let us take advantage of this unique time to glean the wisdom of connecting with our spiritual source in prayer, examination of consciousness and meditation. Let us recognize the blessings that were previously unseen and know the mercies that are new each day.

To sum up, the reality of Covid-19 has also shown us how fragile we are regardless of how developed we are as human beings. We ask ourselves, who are we? What is our purpose? Where are we going? The answers to such questions only come when we get in touch with our inner self.

Sr Maria Kalonga CJ and Sr Memory Mapfuti CJ – Zimbabwe

Carla Bellone