Roles of members of GC core steering group

Matthieu Daum – Facilitator 

  • lead and facilitate a small group in the creation of the CJ-wide preparation process for the General Congregation (GC)
  • lead and facilitate the planning of the GC
  • facilitate the GC process

Mary Wright IBVM – Moderator

  • participate in the GC preparation process
  • moderate the conduct of the GC, including ensuring that it is compatible with canonical requirements
  • oversee the election process for General Superior and General Council members
  • ensure that there is clarity about any canonical decisions arising from the GC and advise about what should be done in relation to them

Philip Endean SJ – Ignatian resource person and chaplain to the GC

  • provide Ignatian accompaniment for the pre-GC and GC processes
  • offer occasional Ignatian/Mary Ward inputs to the GC, including before the election process
  • preside at the Eucharist and work in liaison with groups preparing the Eucharist
  • offer orientation for personal prayer and faith sharing as appropriate