IBVM South Asian Province Assembly 2023 -24

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It was an enriching experience to participate in the IBVM South Asian Province Assembly along with COIN and IBVM and CJ General Leadership Teams. It was my first experience.  I experienced much warmth, sisterly love and companionship.

I found much openness and freedom to express one’s opinion, sincere desire to know and understand,  enthusiasm and commitment towards the serious and important concerns of the Province especially that of ‘Becoming one’. I appreciate the free and open atmosphere which created space for everyone to speak, clarify and raise one’s doubts. Thanks to preparatory committee under the leadership of Sr. Sabrina. The Province Leadership had brought in the right resource persons to prepare the way for the Spirit of the Lord to enter… to work … ‘to melt … to mould … to fill … and to use us’.

I experienced special moments of ‘melting, moulding, filling and using’ so that the purpose of the gathering was achieved. I imagined the Mary Ward women spreading in the whole of South Asia especially India, claiming our identity as CJ and proclaim to the world that ‘Women in time to come will do great things’.

Kiran CJ

Esther Finis