Life after the Pandemic

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‘ is a site I usually avoid for environmental reasons. However, it has been my lifeline in lockdown providing a ready and comprehensive source for stationary and books when shops were closed. Hence my surprise when I put in an order for a copy of Pope Francis’ ‘Life After the Pandemic’ to be informed that Amazon had no more copies left and I would have to wait for two weeks. This told me two things: the book was a best seller, and we were indeed living in extraordinary times. To my delight the book arrived today along with copies for the communities. It was worth waiting for. It contains eight homilies and articles from Pope Francis on COVID-19 looking not just with a compassionate gaze at the enormity of the pandemic, but into the deeper spiritual meaning for the future. The preface by Cardinal Czerny SJ is a bit long but good too. It is worth getting a copy or two. Why not try’

                                                                                   Frances Orchard CJ

Carla Bellone