Liturgy for Deceased Members

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On Saturday aftenoon all the CJ and IBVM members and the staff of the GC took part in the Liturgy for the deceased members of both branches and of the wider Mary Ward family.

It was a very significant moment where we prayed and remembered all the sisters who have lived and shared Mary Ward’s charism throughout their lives.

Representatives from each CJ Provinces and Regions, IBVMs and members of the Mary Ward have lighted a candle and put a white rose in front of the altar in memory of the sisters, Friends of Mary Ward and members of the wider Mary Ward Family who died in the last 11 years (from GC 2011 to the beginning of GC 2021-22 part 2).

It was a very moving and deep liturgy, accompanied by meaningful readings and wonderful songs.

We are very happy that it was livestreamed and we know that a lot of sisters gathered in their communities to be with us and pray with us throught our YouTube channel.

Those who didn’t have the chance to follow the livestreaming event can click here below and watch it.

Carla Bellone