“Living picture” after the elections

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The day after the election of the General Vicar and the General Assistants completing the General Leadership team around the new General Superior, the members of the GC had a barbecue. The sisters of the Middle European Province (MEP) where the new General Superior Sr. Veronica Fuhrmann comes from, opend the celebration with a “living picture”.

The Provincial Superior of MEP, Sr Cosima Kiesner, invited all members to unite in groups with the other members from their Province or Region. The former General Leadership team was standing in the Middle together with the sisters living in Via Nomentana and the staff members of the Generalate. Each group was given a poster of the “Open Circle” from the Painted Life of Mary Ward, picturing Mary Ward and her first companions.

She then invited the new members of the General Leadership team to join the middle. The were embraced by the sisters and staff members standing there as a sign of welcome.

The sisters leaving the General House were then asked to leave the Middle and join the team of their Province or Region – where they were welcomed with applause and hugs as a sign of recognition for their hard work during the last eleven years and welcome to their home Province/Region.

This “living picture” showed that there is always change within our congregation, there are welcomes and good-byes, grief and joy – but none of the members has to live these alone but instead she is supported by the Lord and an open circle of her peers.

Esther Finis