Mary Ward Song by Sr Patricia Rediu CJ

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Sr. Patricia Rediu CJ is the writer and composer of a new Mary Ward song in Romanian. We invite you to listen to the song and to meditate its text. Here is the English translation of the lyrics:

Jesus was your first word
Jesus was in your heart and in your mind
Jesus has been your support and help
In hours of trial and sorrow.

Mary Ward the steadfast rock
You have not let yourself be overcome by darkness
You sought the light and loved it
Making it your shining armour.

When the life of faith suffered
When blood under the sword flowed.
Fearless you set out
In search of God’s will.

With great humility and faith
You always hoped for victory,
For the Lord has always been with you,
And in all things has been your helper.

Faith has been your shield and your help
In times of trouble and distress
You led the poor to the Lord
And they put their trust in Him

Maria Ward, sweet, gentle being,
You sought justice and truth.
Teach us with the same zeal,
To seek and love the Lord.

CJ Generalate