Mary Ward Week – Day 2

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Mary Ward, faithful disciple of obedience and fulfilment of God’s will.

My dear Win,
Your entire resignation and full dependence upon the will of God and Superiors I far more esteem than if you had the grace of working miracles and wanted [lacked] this. Go forward as you now proceed, and rest assured God will do, what, and all, pleaseth him in you, and by you: and you cannot but be most dear to her whom you do believe never to have been wanting in her love and care of you, and for your placing in this or that place, and employment, leave as hitherto you religiously have done that care to me. Your business, is, to be ever ready, and indifferently to what may be appointed; and to do what is, or shall be allotted perfectly and well.

Mary Ward’s letters to Winefrid Wigmore, Rome, January 18th 1624, (Source texts Vol. II, Doc. 508)
Carla Bellone