Mary Ward Week – Day 1

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“My Win,
I have indeed diverse very good ones of yours; it comforts me very [much] to read those passages, and the manner of your proceedings with so true an united will to superiors, what you did concerning your happily deceased superior pleased me so much as not any one passage touching your managing of matters there or information hither I could have wished otherwise: your soli [confidential detail]about her I read, and your signifying those particulars to me was to very good purpose and much to my satisfaction: and better knowledge of the good estate of her happy soul, whom the enemy of all good had no power to hurt, and which I verily believe is now with God. That monstrable relation [account suitable to be shown to other people] of her death, the opinion of her had by externs etc. will do good to yourself and others. ”

Mary Ward’s letter to Winefrid Wigmore, 23rd July 1624
(Source texts Vol. II, Doc. 540)
Carla Bellone