New CJ School for differently abled children in Allahabad Province

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Differently abled children are subjected to various forms of discrimination and due to the social stigma associated with disabilities; families have become victims of discrimination and human rights abuses. To counteract this and to give these children a future and parents satisfaction, the “Darshana” School was started. The school runs for 29 special students with four special teachers and two helpers .The staff gives individual care to each student, academic training, occupational and speech therapy. Students have shown marked improvement and two of them have joined normal school.  The students take part in all the activities and celebrations of the school. The teachers instil in the students self-confidence and reassure them that they are wonderful members of society. We also train parents who underestimate the capabilities of the children, to see them as individuals with unique talents and abilities. Though very challenging and at times nearly impossible, we have great hope in God that these students will contribute to society.  (text and photos: Jaya CJ)
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