Novena for the Feast of Saint Ignatius – Day 2

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24 July: Plenty of gifts

Now give thanks, all of you, with heart, mouth and hands, to God who does great things in us and in all places, who has done so much for us from our mother’s womb and our children’s bones to this day. (GL 405)

Perhaps not always, but frequently at least, not only on anniversaries and around birthdays, this song should be sung.

Weekly would be good- also as a basis for the 2nd verse – with the request for a joyful heart, for peace and for saving us from all our misery.

O how many and excellent hath been the means which I had to be good, the multitude, kinds and continuance thereof! I will once a week make my meditation upon this point …”

Mary Ward: Intentions

I will call back into my memory the gifts I have received – my creation, redemption and other gifts…

St. Ignatius: Spiritual Exercises, No 234

We pray:

  • that gratitude will increase in us
  • for the elderly to be reconciled to the wounds in their lives.
Carla Bellone