Novena for the Feast of Saint Ignatius – Day 3

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25 July: A Clear Orientation

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14,6)

Where can I find happiness, how can I be happy in my life?

To proceed as Christ did was the portion of grace I only desired for my part, and all the happiness I wished for in this life, seeming better for me than any other favour as most to the purpose while one must live in a world amongst others and go through those passages.

Mary Ward: Retreat 1618

… to admit and to desire with all possible strength what Christ our Lord loved and embraced (…) since he is the way that leads men to life.

St. Ignatius: Constitutions No. 101

We pray:

  • that we may be called by Jesus to go after him
  • for the Christian churches, that they may renew themselves from their origin.
Carla Bellone