Novena for the Feast of Saint Ignatius – Day 9

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31 July: Everywhere and at all times

The Religious of tomorrow will be people who have “experienced” something … (according to Karl Rahner).

My God what art thou? I saw him immediately and very clearly go into my heart, and by little and little hide himself in it (…) He held my heart

Mary Ward: 10 October 1619

So he always grew in devotion, that is, in the ease of finding God, and now more than in his whole life. And every time and at every hour that he wants to find God, he finds him.

St. Ignatius: Pilgrimage report Nr. 99

We pray:

  • To experience the loving presence of God.
  • For the freedom to practise religion in all  the countries of the world.
Carla Bellone