Our Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic – Mary Ward, Lubhu – Nepal Region

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Mary Ward School Lubhu was established in 1997 with its main aim to provide a good, sound education to the poor and underprivileged children of Lubhu and its surrounding villages. We have children of families that have migrated from the high mountains, also those of daily wage earners and others from remote villages. Besides running the school, we also work for the empowerment of women, helping them to be aware of their dignity and their place in society. So we have “ Mary Ward Tailoring Center” on our school premises to help  the economically poor women of Lubhu and  the nearby villages.

Our School under lockdown due to Covid-19

An indefinite period of lockdown was announced in Nepal on 24th March 2020, with the spread of the corona virus in our area. This resulted in many parents requesting us to start online classes. Therefore we began with virtual classes for the high school and later on for other classes as well. However not all the students are able to attend online classes for various reasons, such as lack of internet connection or Wi-Fi, or being unable to afford the data pack or smart phone or others leaving the town because their parents have lost their job or livelihood here. The teachers who were familiar with only traditional classroom teaching had to be trained for online classes. We had two training sessions for all the teachers in order to help them give their online classes effectively. A webinar was organized for all the CJ school teachers to help them to cope with the challenges of the pandemic on topics such as mental health,- to create awareness as to how to manage the stressful situation we are now in, with courage, positivity and resilience.

Distribution of provisions to the needy

There are a good number of families living in Lubhu who because of the pandemic have lost their jobs and cannot make ends meet.

 As they are living in rented rooms and have lost their jobs, our community decided to help them  by giving them provisions like rice, lentil (dhal) and oil. We have been helping about fifty families, including our Catholics, in this way.

We have given a small plot of land, behind our school, to those who have no land of their own, to enable them to cultivate vegetables. There was a good harvest and whatever they have grown has been shared among them.

Srs. Marisa, Edwina, Nancy and Monica

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