Participation in Talitha Kum workshop in Lebanon

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Sr. Adina CJ, our representative in the Talitha Kum network, participated in a workshop on preventing human trafficking in Lebanon. She writes:

“The second regional workshop of the “Wells of Hope” initiative in the Middle East, on raising awareness amd combating human trafficking, takes place from 23-27 of September at Monastery of Our Lady of the Birth in Beirut.

The dialogue among the participants ranges from some of the basic issues related to international and regional laws on migration and human trafficking to tackling the low response of task forces responsible for the intervention and to concrete stories of victims accompanied by the members. The discussion groups that address the basic themes of addressing human trafficking, namely: prevention, protection, policies and prosecution fuel the conversations and the activities of each network.

The concrete activities shared by the networks from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt help participants to have a wider picture of this phenomena and its particularities in the Middle East. Wheater we talk on prevention versus empowerment, protection versus care, prosecution versus restoration and healing, and partnership versus networking we all head to stop human trafficking.

The achievements and challenges each network bring are an enrichment to all members of Talitha Kum in the Middle East and a an excellent ambassador for the mission to all people of good will no matter their faith.”

Some photos of the conference in Beirut

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