Pentecost Mass in Via Nomentana 250

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On Sunday 31 May, together with the whole Church, we celebrated the feast of Pentecost.  In song and prayer, we invited the Holy Spirit to come to us, as on the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem after the resurrection of the Lord. On this occasion Selvi IBVM, one of those on the “UISG Formation of Formators course” here in Rome, gave us a picture that she had painted when she was working as a teacher with Aboriginal children in a very remote area of Australia. The title of the picture is “The Spirit Song”.

Selvi used for her drawing the special Aboriginal art form, which consists of many dots.  In the middle, we can find the Holy Spirit, the giver of life surrounded by some wells. The arms leading out of the picture stand for our life’s journey. There are animals everywhere in this picture as well. Animals are very important for the Aboriginal people. They feel very close to the land. For them, the land on which they live is God’s land. They treat the land with respect and gratitude, realising that it is a great gift given to them. We are very grateful that Selvi shared her artistic creation with us.

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