“Pro Urbe” adward to the CJ Community in Veszprém

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On March 11, the Hungarian CJ Community in Veszprém received an award for its past and present services in the city. The name of the award is “Pro Urbe”. 

The mayor writes in his congraturaly letter: “The city assembly was awarded the Order of CJ/Englischen Fräulein in recognition of her outstanding, successful work for the youth in the life of the city, in the preservation of Christian and national values.”

Our presence in the history of Veszprém:

  • Arrival and impact of CJ in Veszprém: 1860-1949 (until nationalisation)
  • After the fall of communism, new beginning 1992-2012
  • Return: 2018 – until today

Brigitta and Zsuzsa

Carla Bellone