St.Mary’s, Biratnagar – Nepal

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Biratnagar is close to an Indian boarder, namely Jogbani and it is through here that the pandemic entered into the Eastern part of Nepal as many Nepalese had to come home suddenly. Some  of whom had lost their jobs and other means to support their families.

At the beginning of the lockdown a few deserving ones approached us for some material help (bricks, bamboo and tin sheets) as their houses were damaged due to the incessant rains. Also during the pandemic we helped a Catholic family   financially as they had no savings.

A few women from a village called Madhumara came to our door asking for some help as they had not enough to live on. We provided them with food such as rice, salt, dal, oil, soap etc. To the value of RS.2000/- for each family per month. They were consoled and overjoyed and returned home with a light heart. We have also supported a poor old man who is unwell and his paralyzed wife since the beginning of lockdown.

Srs. Rufina, Marilyn, Prathibha and Charlie

Carla Bellone