Support for the needy: Romanian Province

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In just 10 days, funds were raised for a total of approximately 21,000 euros and almost 5 tons of food was gathered!

With the help of generous people, we managed to support the most vulnerable members of the community.

Three weeks ago, we had to face a difficult situation at the Mary Ward Social Centre due to the COVID-19 crisis. On the one hand, we ran out of supplies; and on the other, our foreign benefactors told us they could no longer provide financial support for the activities performed at the centre.

We have been working at the heart of Rădăuți for over 25 years and our goal is to prevent school and family dropouts among children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is our mission and we strongly believe that only through education can we guarantee a better future for children. However, the pandemic generated by COVID-19 posed another social problem: many people came to the centre’s door to ask for help, especially day labourers, parents of children who benefit from the association’s services and also the elderly living alone and other people having difficulties in guaranteeing their livelihood during this time.

People came to ask for food. We felt like the women who were concerned after Jesus’ death: “Who will remove the stone of the grave?” We asked ourselves: who will feed these people? We were worried we would have to completely shut down the centre’s activity. This was not and still is not a desirable scenario.

To immediately address this social problem caused by COVID-19, we issued a cry for help on social media to which many people of good will responded generously, both in Romania and abroad. Through the contribution of all big-hearted donors, companies, and individuals, in just 10 days, funds were raised for approximately 21,000 euros as well as almost 5 tons of food, along with special products for babies, but also hygiene and cleaning products. Many needy people have already benefited from them. We really thank all the donors who have been supportive and who have understood that the most vulnerable members of the community need to feel safe, to know that they are not alone and that their peers do not abandon them. We will continue providing support with our team of volunteers. The resources currently available cover the needs for the next three weeks. We are confident that we will get through this period.

Sr. Felicitas Butacu CJ

Working at the hospital – Bucharest

Love and fear

Sr. Iolanda continues treating patients with much courage and love in the dialysis hospital where she works. As everywhere else, safety measures are taken to prohibit Covid 19 from infecting them.


Our sisters from the apostolic community in Cuba, Angela, and Lavinia (Romanian) and Eudosia (Chilean), are creative even in a time of pandemic. Since they cannot visit the villages, they began producing masks to allow people to protect themselves. They creatively continue their pastoral work and spiritual accompaniment at a distance, helping and guiding them with prayer and reflection propositions.

AOSTA – Italy

In a time of pandemic, the most vulnerable people are undoubtedly migrants and the homeless, with no work or family.

In Aosta, our sisters continue visiting the elderly with a generous and sensitive heart, to bring them communion and some comfort. They work at the Caritas soup kitchen preparing food packages for people in need, and they also raise awareness among those who can provide food to distribute it to the elderly or the needy.


For some time now our sisters who work at the school have been adjusting and giving classes online.

As of this week, kindergarten educators have also begun contacting the children. They prepared some video and other creative materials to send to them for further education through the media.

It is amazing how we adapt to everything.

Esther Finis