Update from Ukraine

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We would like to share with you all another communication from our sisters in Ukraine, with the accompanying pictures.  Once again we commend them and their fellow countrymen and women to your prayers.

Mary Ward pray for them and give them your spirit!

Dear sisters and dear friends in the Lord

The war is unfortunately still going on in our country. In Transcarpathia, although we have peace, we have had several alarms and have had to be kept in the cellar. We are continuing the service we can give to others. We have a full house of displaced people from different parts of Ukraine in our social center. They are scared, sad and full of worry. Sister Xenia gives them special and generous attention.  We receive and pass on the humanitarian aid that our sisters from Prešov, Košice in Slovakia and other places bring us, as well as the aid that other organizations provide. We try to send this humanitarian aid as far as possible to where the need is greatest. In addition, we are fully engaged in the mission that we have been carrying out until the beginning of the war.
We thank you all for your sympathy, for every expression of solidarity and concern, for your financial and material assistance. Your prayers carry us and give us strength, courage and hope. Let us continue to pray for an end to the war and peace in the world.
Your sisters from Uzhhorod

Carla Bellone