Bangalore Regional Congregation 2019

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On 27 September at 9 a.m. all the participants of the Bangalore Region assembled for the Regional Congregation. Sr. Daisy, the Regional Superior welcomed the participants and Sr. Clara IBVM, the Loreto representative. Sr. Daisy reminded us that the success of R.C. will depend upon the quality of our participation. She said It is a process rather than a planned programme. The Regional superior declared the RC open by stating the theme. Reflection on the Logo reminded us to get rooted and grounded in Christ and to co-create the world in freedom, justice and sincerity. Srs. Lima and Lucia were elected as the delegates to the GC 2020.

The sessions were based on the topics:

  • U Process
  • Sensing the Global Realities
  • External and Internal Challenges in India
  • Sensing the reality of others was done with the help of the evaluation given by the staff. The participants accepted the views of our staff and discussed in groups the possibilities of “ letting go and letting come.”
  • Spiritual Conversation Method
  • Sr. Clara IBVM shared the Loreto Vision and Mission in the South Asian Province with the help of a PPT which was very informative for us.
  • Sr. Lima CJ spoke on the topic “Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Adults from sexual abuse”.
  • Sr. Sherly told us about the annual Educational Pedagogical plan reflected in the National Educational Policy, 2019.
  • Sr. Divya shared her experience of living with the Loreto sisters in Ireland.
  • PPTs on the different provinces and regions were presented and we found them very informative and challenging.
    There was time for discussion and reflection on each of the above topics.
  • The Golden Circle, purpose of GC 2020 – Why, How and What.
  • The heritage and Legacy
  • Criteria for Election
  • Holy Hour
  • Election
  • Re-Integration Report
  • Evaluation and Feedback
  • Closing of the RC

During Mass, Fr. Terrence SJ went through the process of discernment in decision making with us.

Esther Finis