Mary Ward Week – Day 8

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As we end Mary Ward Week 2023 we reflect today on a letter that Mary Ward sent to Fr. John Tomson SJ Liège, April 1619.

‘…She [Sister Praxedes] may likewise know, what I had from God touching this, if that be thought fit, or would further her: which was as follows (understood as it is writ without adding or altering one syllable) Take the same of the Society. Father General will never permit it. Go to him, these are the words, whose worth cannot be valued; nor the good they contain, too dearly bought: these gave sight where there was none; made me know what God would have done; gave strength to suffer what since hath happened: assurance of what is wished for, in time to come: and if ever I be worthy to do anything more about the Institute, hither I must come to draw: I could say a great deal of those words, but never all; but she will far better see what God intended by them: if she will but ask him what he meant by them: except he that can do all that he will, and all that he doth is well, give her some other ground to work upon. Twice doubting what kind of Subordination should be, I was sent home (I mean to your Institute) and bidden do, as there was done. Some other things I have some times perceived about Subordination which is not to purpose for her. Once I think I saw a General of yours, who said nothing, but his countenance promised all concurrence with us. This was I think to comfort, for some of yours at that very time would needs that [insisted that] the General of the Society both could, and would hinder such a thing as I did believe to be God’s will in us. The first I could never believe to be in the power of man: for the second this sight gave confidence: the same I saw likewise in those words go to him, that when the time should come, neither would he have a will to hurt us, but the contrary…….’

Mary Ward

Wishing you a veru Happy Feast today let us pray our foundress for her blessing, her accompaniment and her spirit:

Venerable Mary Ward, pray for us and give us your spirit!

Carla Bellone