Patna province: Our response to the Covid-19-lockdown victims

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In India we too are aware of the present crisis due to Covid – 19. So we reached out to those who were without food for many days.

Here the worst affected are those who had a hand to mouth existence. They depended on their daily wage as their only source of income,as they worked either in an organized or unorganized sector.  Now that all the industries and factories are shut down and all the markets are closed too, they have nowhere to go to earn their daily bread for themselves and their families. Each citizen in our country has been advised by the government to keep all the instructions they have given us in order to keep safe in this time of lock down. Therefore I sent a message to all my communities, ”to ensure that no one dies of hunger in your area” Accordingly all the sisters  found their own ways of reaching out to the needy. They received the support of their staff to identify the areas where help was needed.

Then we approached the civil administration to get the necessary permission and also the support from the police in order to distribute the food in a peaceful manner. The items we distribute are provisions such as rice, atta, pulses, vegetables, beaten rice, jaggery, cooking oil, biscuits, soap etc.  The areas we have given help to are those who are  the most affected, those who are  the most vulnerable in our society – they are the Mahadalits especially of Musahars, transgenders, nomads, gypsies, widows and the disabled who have no ration cards and no one in society who cares about them. These families, many of whom we know, are stranded in different cities of India (Mumbai, Surat, Kolkotta, Chennai, Delhi and the cities in Kerala too) in the wake of the lockdown.

Sr. Ancy from Gulni ( Nawada district) wrote, “I felt sorry and distressed by the plight of the elderly people left alone in their villages because the bread winner of the family has been stranded elsewhere. “How will I survive this crisis? What will my life be like now ?”   I saw in their faces and then I watched their expressions change to a radiant joy when they received the provisions we had brought them. This strengthened my desire to continue to do what I can and then the rest will be done by the resurrected Lord. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”

Our sisters fabricated more than 500 masks.

Up till now we have reached out to four districts in Bihar namely Patna, Buxar, Bhojpur and Nawada. We have been able to help more than 2000 families. We are grateful to each of one of you who has generously supported us so that we were able to help these  families. May our little efforts bring peace, harmony and a ray of hope to the most needy brothers and sisters in our society.

Sr. Kiran CJ,
Provincial Superior, Patna

Our response to the COVID-19 lockdown victims

Areas Covered Villages covered Food items Number of families covered Categories of people covered
  Buxar District   Nai Bazar-behind FCI godown, Khilapathpur, Kusurpa, Chousa, Jamauli, Kaitarkala, Itarhi Rice, Dal, Atta, Cooking oil, Chuda, Gud, Biscuits, Salt, Potatoes, Soya and Soaps   500 Nomads, gypsies, Musahers, slum dwellers, differently abled, elderly, widows, families without ration cards Irrespective of castes and creed
  Dumraon   Naya Bhojpur Amsari     “””””   500   Nomads, Musahers Widows
Bhojpur District Shapur, Rudra Nagar and Shapurpatti   “”””   110   Musahers Dalits
  Nawada District   Gulni, Kawakol and Pakarivarma   “””””   400 Most vulnerable people- elderly, differently abled, Musahers, families without ration card
Patna District Fatua   Jethuli   “”””   110   Bricklin workers, Slum dwellers and widows
Patna Digha Packed the Food items In collaboration with Jesuit Fathers   Canal Road- Digha, Raja Bazar, Asiana Mode   “””””   1164   Muzahers, Dalits, Families without ration cards & The Transgender community
Patna Bankipur   NIT (after PMCH), Slums near the Collectorate   “””””   450   Slum dwellers

Total number of Families covered: 3234

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