Reaching out to the needy – From Delhi Province

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The community in Jeolikote, Bareilly Diocese gave their help to the villagers in BANA and MONA.  This is 30 km away from the community. These two villages are surrounded by thick forest and there is no proper road leading to the village only a foot path laid with stones.  The nationwide lock down has had a terrible affect on these villages where 32 families live.  Our sisters purchased the necessary provisions and reached the foothills by car; a few villagers and a mule were waiting for them to cart it up the hill. After 40 minutes of climbing the steep hills they reached Mona village. The representatives from each family were eagerly waiting for them. The parish priest and the sisters along with the people thanked the good Lord and then the provisions were distributed to them. To see the joy on the faces of people was enough reward for the sisters. The community is also helping the people in Jeolikote itself who are really in need, so far they have helped about 15 families by giving them both food and emotional support.

In the diocese of Jhansi, in Uttar Pradesh,is the Nirmala community, here the candidates and postulants in Krist Jyoti prepared food for 400 workers who have no other means of getting provisions. This was done in collaboration with the Diocesan Social Work Centre. Our sisters and those in formation prepared the food which was then distributed by the Social Work Centre to the migrant labourers who were unable to return to their homes because of the lockdown.  

St. Francis community in Jhansi also helped in this work through their contribution of Rs. 55,000/- to this same cause, that is to buy food for the migrant labourers during this period of lockdown.

The community in Nainital has quarters for our own workers, because of lockdown they were not able to go to the market to buy things so the sisters shared their provisions with them. 

The Mayur Vihar community in Delhi, through their workers and others, came to know about some genuinely poor families living near them who really needed help. Our sisters purchased food grains and distributed them to 25 families. Thus, they became channels of blessings to the needy and hungry during this time of lockdown.

Esther Finis