We celebrate Lent 2024: Kairos time in our time

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As we enter this season of Lent, we are called to “conversion.” This invitation can also be understood as a call to learn to “number our days, that we may find wisdom of heart” (Psalm 90).

We are placed in a particular situation, we live in particular circumstances and we are called to recognize the subtle touches of God that guide us and enable us to fulfil what we are called to do. To find wisdom of heart can mean to discover the essence of what is happening in the world and in our apostolic body, to discover the other face of time – kairos. What is my kairos? How can I recognize it? In what is it found, what does it mean for me?

We are “here and now.” In our days and in this time that has been given to us, we discover the grace and the task that has been assigned to us.

Kairos, according to Mary Ward, can mean for us “doing good and doing it well.” May her intercession accompany us on our Lenten journey: Venerable Mary Ward, pray for us and give us your spirit.


Sr. Agnesa Jenčíková CJ

CJ Generalate