23 with Mary Ward (June 2021)

Sollecitudine per gli ammalati: Concern for the sick Mary Ward prega per noi: Mary Ward pray for us L’orientamento interiore di Mary Ward verso Dio si rifletteva nel suo atteggiamento con gli altri Mary Ward’s inner orientation towards God is reflected in her attitude towards others. La sua vicinanza donava pace e amore Her closeness

St. Mary’s, Nainital (Delhi Province) reaches out to the needy during lockdown

During the months of May/June, our sisters in St. Mary’s, Nainital following covid -19 protocols, and with the help of the local administration distributed rations to the needy catholic families of the parish, people of various villages, members of the leper colony, families of rag pickers, cycle rickshaw pullers and boatmen. The ration kit consisted

Launch of the new CJ website


We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. It presents information about the Congregatio Jesu and our mission, as well as the places where we live. It also features information about our foundress, the Venerable Mary Ward and the history of our congregation. In the “Pray with us” section, you