Mary Ward Week – Day 8

As we end Mary Ward Week 2023 we reflect today on a letter that Mary Ward sent to Fr. John Tomson SJ Liège, April 1619. ‘…She [Sister Praxedes] may likewise know, what I had from God touching this, if that be thought fit, or would further her: which was as follows (understood as it is

Mary Ward Week – Day 7

Seeking confirmation … ‘…now to my coming to you, having begun with his holiness and that he should stir in the matter, and I absent things would not so well, besides if that should be, [if the Pope were to act quickly] I should be forced of necessity to return presently [immediately] back to Rome,

Mary Ward Week – Day 6

Discernment: A journey into the unknown ‘…great instance was made by diverse spiritual, and learned men, that we would take upon us some Rule already confirmed; several rules were procured by our friends, both from Italy and France, and we earnestly urged to make choice of some of them; they seemed not that which God

Mary Ward Week – Day 5

Reflection on Mary Ward letter to Mary Poyntz, December 1632 Resilience, determination and friendship emerge from the letter composed by Mary Ward to ‘My dearest’ Mary Poyntz, at the close of 1632. Mary was in Rome, her Institute suppressed but freed from the accusation of heresy and living in common life with her remaining companions,

Mary Ward Week – Day 3

An invitation to greater inclusiveness as one Reverend my dear Mother,My ill health and several business [various duties] makes me forbear to show you how your proceedings comfort me, particularly your pains in advancing [developing] the place where you are, and care of those under your charge, but beyond all this, and above what I

Mary Ward Week – Day 2

Mary Ward, faithful disciple of obedience and fulfilment of God’s will. My dear Win,Your entire resignation and full dependence upon the will of God and Superiors I far more esteem than if you had the grace of working miracles and wanted [lacked] this. Go forward as you now proceed, and rest assured God will do,

Mary Ward Week – Day 1

“My Win,I have indeed diverse very good ones of yours; it comforts me very [much] to read those passages, and the manner of your proceedings with so true an united will to superiors, what you did concerning your happily deceased superior pleased me so much as not any one passage touching your managing of matters

Mary Ward Week 2023

Today Mary Ward Week begins! As usual we will be accompanied by a resource booklet. As Sr. Veronica Fuhrmann CJ and Sr Noelle Corscadden IBVM write in their letter to the whole CJ and IBVM membership the boooklet “..has been collated and edited by two members from India, Tomsy Madathumpadickal CJ and Sudha Arul IBVM.

News from Ukraine

Our CJ Sisters who carry out their mission in Ukraine have sent us a letter in which they tell us how they spent Christmas in this difficult time of war that has now lasted for a year.We pray for them and for the people of this war-torn Country; may this conflict end now!