Day 8: 30 January 2022

COMING TOGETHER AND INTO THE FUTURE ‘Would that all were here.’ (Mary Ward) ‘Time is the most precious of all things.’ (Teresa Ball) ‘What have I done for Christ, what am I doing for Christ, what will I do for Christ?’ – words from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola which must have

Day 7: 29 January 2022

EMBRACING THE UNKNOWN ‘The love of God is like a fire that will not be shut up, for it is impossible to love God and not to work to extend his glory.’ (Mary Ward) ‘Go and set the world alight with the fire of God’s love.’ (Teresa Ball) Those who love and feel the fire

Day 6: 28 January 2022

OBSTACLES ON THE JOURNEY ‘Prepare yourselves to undergo many difficulties; never seek to fly from that which our Saviour so willingly embraced.’ (Mary Ward) ‘If we are pleasing to God what need have we to care if the whole world is against us?’ (Teresa Ball) Our life and mission will always be fraught with obstacles

Day 5: 27 January 2022

MISSION ‘Serve God with great love and liberty of mind.’ (Mary Ward) ‘Our loving Father looks at our every thought, word and deed and gives us all we need to do his Will.’ (Teresa Ball) In the twenty first century, we might ask ourselves: what is mission? Is it crossing the seas? Is it doing

Day 4: 26 January 2022

SENDING OUT ‘I am assured that God will help me and mine wherever we are.’ (Mary Ward) ‘May we all glorify God at any rate.’ (Teresa Ball) Our world today is marked deeply by people migrating from one place to another because of climate change, wars, poverty, corruption or abusive political systems. At the same

Day 3: 25 January 2022

SIGNPOSTS FOR THE JOURNEY ‘Our happiness, security and progress of our Institute consist . . . in having open and free access to God Almighty, from where must come our strength, light and protection.’ (Mary Ward) ‘Your heart must be silent to hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit.’ (Teresa Ball) Mary Ward’s grace-filled words:

Day 2: 24 January 2022

INTERNAL STRUGGLE – DISCERNING THE WAY AHEAD ‘What disturbs me inwardly and makes me troubled does not come from God, whose Spirit always brings with it freedom and great peace.’ (Mary Ward) ‘God loves light; the enemy is darkness, what troubles the soul is not from God.’ (Teresa Ball) We have all made important decisions


For my part I have done everything, it only remains for me to be found faithful when I have to give an account to God. Ich für meinen Teil habe alles getan, ich muss nur noch treu sein, wenn ich vor Gott Rechenschaft ablegen muss. Por mi parte lo he hecho todo, sólo me queda


I assure you, I am sure, that God will help me and mine wherever we will be. Ich versichere Ihnen, dass Gott mir und den meinen helfen wird, wo immer wir auch sein werden. Puedo asegurar, estoy segura, que Dios me ayudará a mí y a las mías donde quiera que estamos. Mary Ward


Rarely, indeed never, is even the smallest effort left without the increase of knowledge and love of God. Selten, ja nie, bleibt auch die kleinste Anstrengung ohne Zuwachs an Erkenntnis und Liebe zu Gott. Rara vez, de hecho nunca, se deja el más mínimo esfuerzo sin aumentar el conocimiento y el amor a Dios. Mary