Online meeting of MARY WARD FAMILY

On 23 April there was a first international online meeting of the Mary Ward Family. Leaders of different groups of Friends from different continents, from CJ and IBVM, met online and exchanged ideas. The focus was on getting to know each other, exchanging knowledge about what the various groups and groupings do, how they are

Meeting with Pope Francis

Our General Superior, Sr Veronica Fuhrmann CJ, and the Vicar General, Sr Estela Clara Grignola CJ, had the opportunity to meet and speak with Pope Francis personally at the audience in St Peter’s Square on Wednesday, 17 April 2024. Sr Estela has known Pope Francis for a long time – they both come from Argentina

3r d CJ/IBVM Joint online formation meeting

On 3rd of April, we held our last of three CJ/IBVM Joint online formation meetings. Tina Campbell, the “independent Safeguarding Consultant working with and for Religious Congregations in the Catholic Church” shared with us on the topic of ‘Safeguarding and Formation’ helping participants to step into a safeguarding space, reflect upon how to create a culture