Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has died

Pope Benedict XVI has returned to the House of the Father. The Vatican Press Office announced that he died a few minutes ago at 9.34 a.m. at the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery residence in Rome, which the 95-year-old Pope Emeritus had chosen as his residence after renouncing the Petrine ministry in 2013.From the morning of Monday,

Christmas is….

Christmas is an overflow of HOPE. It is to “inhabit the crib” and let myself be watched by the CHILD, by MARY and JOSEPH. It is to activate TENDERNESS, LOVE and KINDNESS, searching together for horizons of UNITY. It is to be MARY who inhabits all the “cribs” of history. It is to contemplate her

20th December – O-Antiphons

During Advent we sing or pray the O Antiphons. They date back to the 8th century and are an expression of wonder at the grace that God continually gives to the world. In the various phases of Israel’s history, God’s attention was promised by the prophets in different biblical images and motifs. Christians see beyond

16th December – “The branches of Godliness are put up with devotion, pleasure and joy!” (4th verse of: Macht hoch die Tür)

Yes, the green branches with which we decorate our rooms in Advent are signs of longing and hope for me. They remind me of the Advent season in my childhood.Born in the Franconian Forest, I knew my way around our forest well. I knew where to find the most beautiful huckleberries and the best porcini